Advanced EEO Solutions

A Collaborative Force

Empowering Excellence Through Collaboration

Subject Matter Experts

At Advanced EEO Solutions (AES), our strength lies in collaboration. We’ve strategically assembled a team of professionals, each excelling in their niche, to provide unparalleled Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) services.

Our team comprises professionals who own businesses, manage law practices, or offer expert services to multiple agencies. Through collaborative partnerships, we leverage our collective expertise to compete effectively for government contracts.


Our Mentors/Trainers, with a rich background in EEO courses, offer consulting, feedback and supporting services to our Subcontractors for quality control enhancement. Their unique skill set goes beyond performing tasks—they specialize in mentoring individuals to excel in their roles.

Case Managers / Sufficiency Reviewers

Answering technical questions and providing legal sufficiency reviews, our Case Managers play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and compliance with applicable statutes for federal government contracts.

EEO Professionals

From investigators to counselors and FAD writers, our network of high-quality professionals doesn’t require extensive mentoring. They deliver top-notch work independently, ensuring excellence without constant feedback.

Leveraging Collective Experience

Business Development Manager

Is one of the most important roles in our company. The Managers are responsible for identifying new sales leads to grow and extend the reach for offering our services, creating strategies and building and maintaining strong relationships with new and existing clients.

Production Managers & Production Specialists

Committed to full compliance with relevant laws, our Production Managers collaborate closely with the production team to meet Agency guidelines for sensitive (PII) information. Our Production Team assembles and coordinates our Reports of Investigation (ROI). The collaboration and communication between the two teams allow us to customize for each client. The teams are responsible for ensuring the company’s compliance with Agency guidelines, which is a key requirement in our quality control process.

Farther. Together.

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