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AES Team

AES utilizes professional relationships to form a team of experts in niche areas. Our team of professionals own their own businesses, manage their own law practices, or perform expert services to multiple Agencies in their chosen field as contractors. We all come together to support one another in our disciplines and form partnerships for larger ventures to effectively compete with larger companies for government contracts.

Suject Matter Experts (SME):

Our SMEs are Employment Labor Attorneys or Professionals with extensive EEO field experience that handle matters which fall into the grey area of law. Subcontractors are always encouraged to consult with AES, so our SMEs can provide insight, options, and/or directives.


AES team of Mentors/Trainers have been trainers for 32-hour EEO courses, 8-hour refresher courses, and other types of training courses in both the federal and private sector. These professionals are provided for consulting services on a Prime Contractors BPA to improve quality control. All Vendors need a competent professional on staff that can mentor subcontractors in areas that need improvement. Training/Mentoring an individual to perform a task is a unique skill set apart from knowing how to perform the task oneself.

Case Managers/Sufficiency Reviewers:

Answer technical questions from subcontractors (EEO Professionals) and provide technical reviews for legal sufficiency. They perform a wide variety of complex and technical administrative support work for a federal government contract, such as: reviews of different reports, forms, and records for accuracy, compliance with applicable statues such as MD-110, statement of work, etc.

EEO Professionals:

Investigators, Counselors, FAD Writers (lawyers). We have a network of quality professionals rather than a large cadre of individuals. Our network of professionals does not need mentors and can provide high quality work without extensive feedback from a Sufficiency Reviewer.

Business Development Manager:

Assures that the company is conducting its business in full compliance with all relevant laws, by maintaining their SAM registration and CAGE number. The Development Manager works closely with the production team to assure that the final product meets Agency guidelines for Personally identifiable information (PII), or sensitive personal information (SPI).


Secretarial duties which include but are not limited to: organizing case files, invoicing, work orders, status reports, templates, case assignments, onboarding documents, etc.

Production Manager:

Is responsible for producing/reproducing the Reports of Investigation (ROI) and all relevant documentation according to Agency guidelines (OCR text recognition, Bates Stamp, etc.). Our designated expert has experience in the printing and copying industry, as well in-depth experience in handling EEO case related matters and is well acquainted with specific Agency guidelines to ensure that the final product is fully compliant with applicable SOW and MD-110. Production is one of the last barriers in quality control to identify and redact PII information.

Sales Team:

AES primarily provides professional services rather than a product; therefore, our designated sales team sources for new opportunities, networks, and partnerships. This is realized through collecting data on market research, subcontracting opportunities, identifying new ways to reach existing markets or service providers, and discovering new technologies to enhance search criteria.

Information Technology and Innovation Team:

AES teams, consults, and works with the best-in-class professionals in niche areas. Our current team comprises a diverse group of entrepreneurs that have experience across multiple industries and technologies. We are the epitome of Diversity and Inclusion and the growing team Subject Matter Advisors collaborate to provide innovation and equality to the federal government workplace.

If you are looking for additional opportunities, or are an expert in a certain niche and wish to learn more about potential opportunities involving Advanced EEO Solutions (AES) we invite you to contact info@advancedeeosolutions.com and provide some detail about your professional services and your desires.