Advanced EEO Solutions


Equity Detectives: Advancing EEO Investigation Methods

EEO Investigations Decoded: a Practical Approach

In this book, Advanced EEO Solutions (AES) provides the blueprint for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Professionals and the insight for those who want to rise to the top of the industry. EEO Investigators address allegations of discrimination in the workplace. However, not many people know this remote-based profession exists or what skills are necessary to be effective.

AES takes a deep dive beyond the required 32-hour EEO training.

This book provides real scenarios and solutions based on hands-on industry experience, helpful tips, encouragement, step-by-step templates, and instructions when facing common industry obstacles. Each Chapter covers obstacles, and real circumstances and provides solutions that the required 32-hour training needs to address thoroughly. In addition to technical knowledge, the lessons also address the soft and practical skills necessary to complement the knowledge of Employment Law.

Many how-to books are books based on theory. These books are advertisements with the intent to sell you something.