Advanced EEO Solutions

Building Partnerships

Shaping Success

Empowering Growth, Ensuring Quality

AES operates as an optimized organization – our corporate maturity is reflected in how we conduct business: responsive; proactive; and – as our name indicates – advanced!

AES thrives on collaborating with professionals and companies dedicated to preserving civil rights through distinctive skills and techniques. Our history of successful partnerships has shaped a professional reputation grounded in quality service delivery.

AES's Core Values

AES employs our STEP core values to deliver Secure, Timely, Effective, and Practical information, when facilitating EEO Services for our clients.

Collaboration is Key

Effective Solutions

AES adapts to our clients’ needs, implementing solutions and executing procedures that are effective for each unique case. We customize our approach to meet our client’s needs. Agency’s will benefit from our practical solutions developed from accruing expertise and past performance insight, to ensure your mission is successful.

Current Partnership Opportunities

Consulting for private companies that wish to enter the federal contracting arena.

AES provides mentorship and consulting services for companies venturing into Federal Government contracting. Drawing from our experience with start-ups, we guide small and large companies in securing government contracts. We assist private companies with proven strategies to enhance and retain their client portfolio by analyzing their strategy and ensuring quality control and sustainability.

Multiple Levels of Partnership Opportunities

AES fosters partnerships and teaming arrangements where all parties bring unique value and expertise to the table. Our collaborative ventures are designed for effectiveness. Whether you’re an established entity or a budding professional, we welcome partnerships that drive success.

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If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with AES, please contact us for more information. Let’s embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and shared success.