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Advanced EEO Solutions, LLC (AES) is a consulting company specializing in equal employment opportunity (EEO) services for federal and private sector needs. Founded by a certified and active EEO Investigator, Mr. Garrison Birckett, AES moves towards innovation as well as upholding integrity and accountability in Federal EEO Complaint Process.

Relatively a young company, however with extensive industry experience, AES has a track record of consulting for startup ventures, software innovation and exposure to distinct aspects of the industry networking. AES team members have provided investigative services, mentored and trained EEO professionals, designed innovative software, and provided customized consulting services to Prime Contractors.  

AES utilizes a network of EEO professionals obtained through past and current professional working relationships. Our team has successfully worked together on multiple federal government contracts which guarantees industry knowledge and high-quality services.

Company mission:

It is our mission and obligation as EEO professionals and practitioners that deal with civil rights to be responsible, hold ourselves and our partners to the highest possible standards. AES has a mission to bring innovation to the EEO complaint process and assist only the serious and motivated EEO Practitioners, to not only provide technically accurate and timely services, but to hold themselves accountable for professionalism, honesty, and fairness while facilitating civil rights.


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Competent EEO Investigator

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    AES is looking for five (5) experienced Investigators that desire a contracting opportunity to perform additional 2-3 EEO Investigations per month; opportunities with multiple Federal Agencies available.


    32-hour EEO Certificate, current 8-hour refresher certificate, Resume, professional references and ability to confirm that 20 Investigations were conducted.

    Only experienced Investigators inquire. Opportunities will be offered if deemed qualified with favorable references.
    Please send your information to: info@advancedeeosolutions.com