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Embark on a journey where our practical solutions to century old issues meet a commitment to excellence – welcome to Advanced EEO Solutions, LLC. Founded by the certified EEO Investigator, Mr. Garrison Birckett, we are a trailblazer in EEO solutions, driven by a mission to bring excellence, passion, and superior consultancy to the EEO complaint process.


Driven by purpose.

As a network of EEO practitioners, our team leverages professional relationships to form a group of experts in niche areas. Each of our experts owns their own business, manages their own law practices, or perform expert consulting services for various organizations and to provide objective resolutions to industry obstacles.

Networking & Collaboration

AES is not just a company; it’s a network of EEO professionals fostered through past and present working relationships. Our collaborative team, with a history of successfully working together on multiple federal government contracts, ensures industry knowledge and the delivery of high-quality services.


Currently Covered EEO Services:
-Accept/Dismiss Letters
-Informal EEO Counseling
-Formal EEO Investigations
-Management Inquiries
-Final Agency Decisions
-Workplace Investigations
-MD-715 Reports
-Staffing Services
-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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A New Publication from Advanced EEO Solutions

Equity Detectives: Advancing EEO Investigation Methods

Reading “Equity Detectives” can significantly benefit Investigators by providing them with a comprehensive framework for conducting quality EEO Investigations. 
The book uncovers the professional skills and understanding to formulate precise and probing questions, crucial for uncovering relevant facts and ensuring a thorough investigation. The Instructions closely examine and provide insight and hands on experience through examples to show professionals how to effectively navigate the formal complaints process. 
Additionally, the book covers the importance of self-improvement and the dedication it takes to be successful when handling the nuances of civil rights.

Some of Our Clients

Advancing Your EEO Journey

Setting the Standard in EEO Practices

At Advanced EEO Solutions, our mission goes beyond consultancy. As EEO professionals dedicated to civil rights, we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards. We are committed to bringing innovation to the EEO complaint process, assisting serious and motivated EEO practitioners in providing technically accurate, timely, and accountable services.

Ready to experience EEO solutions that redefine industry standards? Contact Advanced EEO Solutions for a consultation. Let’s navigate the path to equal employment opportunity with innovation, integrity, and accountability.

Partnering Opportunities

AES is looking for experienced EEO Investigators that desire an opportunity to work with multiple Federal Agencies. 


  • 32-hour EEO Certificate
  • Current 8-hour refresher certificate
  • Resume
  • Professional references and/or ability to confirm that 20 Investigations were conducted


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