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Competent EEO Investigator

 You may have read my post in regards to the Incompetent EEO Investigator, this summary will detail some of the qualities and skills that separate the average investigator from the professional EEO Practitioner.  I decided to write this article on a positive note to address what is necessary to be a competent EEO Investigator, hereafter referred […]

Professional EEO Investigator Career

If anyone mentioned to you that you could work from your home, create your own hours, mentioned the harder you work the more money you can make, and could travel and still handle your duties remotely: would you be interested? In the past, I used to see job postings that promised these favorable working conditions […]

Incompetent EEO Investigators

While acting as Case Manager and supervising a rotating number of Investigators, Counselors, and FAD writers I realized the obvious but brutal reality. An investigator’s resume, writing samples, and references did not determine the quality of their work product or their actual experience. The sad truth is:  To be a bad EEO Investigator is simple […]

EEO Course Limitations

Reality: Not everyone is suited to be an EEO Investigator, but anyone with $800-$1000 can become certified as an EEO Investigator. The purpose of this article is to highlight an unregulated component in the Federal EEO Investigative process that needs improvement. After years of training both new and seasoned EEO Investigators, it was apparent that lack […]